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Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
was taking workers from an electric company to watch holiday fireworks. >>> at the vatican the pope's former butler took the stand in his trial for leaking paper documents. paolo gabriela said he is innocent of aggravated theft but at the same time, he acknowledged copying the papers. prosecutors contend gabrieli has confessed saying he wanted to expose corruption in the vatican. the butler also testified that he feels guilty for betraying the pope. >> reporter: and in australia, a scientific study says corral in the great barrier reef is vanishing at an alarming rate. it says the corral has declined by nearly 50% over the last 27 years and the study says a number of factors are to blame including rising ocean temperatures, tropical cyclones and a predator called the crown of thorns star fish. >>> the former penn state gradual assistant who's testify helped convict jerry sandusky of child molestation has filed a lawsuit against the university saying it retaliated against him. mike mcqueary testified against sandusky saying he saw sandusky showering with a young boy on campus. he is second -
Oct 3, 2012 10:00pm PDT
syria killed its civilians. >>> at the vatican, an italian man ended his day long protest perched on the dome of st. petters basilica. he blasted the entire government's reforms. the man came down after italy's tourism minister agreed to meet with him, and other restaurant owners. the protester wants to discuss reforms that he says are hurting business. >>> in new zealand, a children's health charity objected by mike tyson. the charity cited his 1992 rape conviction. even though it would have received some money from his appearance. >>> gas is predicting up to a 30% bump in california. the gas tracking website, blames the increase in prices on refinery outages, plus all the heat. >>> the ceo of tesla motors is trying to calm fear about a company financial report. the documents raise the questions about cash flow, and tesla's production line, falling behind schedule. in a blog post, elan were musk calls the report a worst case scenario. >>> president obama face-to- face with his challenger mitt romney. after the break, we ask bay area democrats and republicans what impres
Oct 4, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. >> this is signaling excitement rather than anger in the catholic church. >> reporter: the vatican's appointment of codilioni to san francisco is interested in a smaller purer church. >> it may be that the church is signaling not so much interest in holding on to people that are already struggling with some of those teachings. but a willingness maybe to even let them go. >> reporter: catholics we spoke to at the installation say they believe the arch bi bishop will reach out to liberal catholics. >> i am sure he will do so. i'm sure that's one of top things on his list. >> reporter: the arch bishop has not addressed the media but says he wants to reach o ut. >> in return, prosecutorred drops a charge of driving under the influence. the plea stems from his arrest in august at a dui checkpoint in san diego. cordileone has apologized for his error in judgment. >>> outside of st. mary's cathedral supporters and opponents of the new arch bishop made their opinions known. on one side gay rights supporters they want the catholic church to be more supportivity of the lgbt community. on the other side de
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3